Best industrial training with live projects in Chandigarh


Best Industrial Training with Live Projects in Chandigarh

Industrial demands have gone up! Companies no longer want to hire knowledgeable candidates; rather they want skilled professionals. So, industry-aligned education and skill development has become critical for anyone to bag an excellent job with a lucrative package worldwide. That's when industrial training steps in!

The only difference between a course and industrial training is that the latter gives you a real-world exposure required to mold your ideas according to the industry requirements. However, courses give you all the necessary skills without any practical experience related to the industry. So, industrial training is gaining an impetus with time.

Unfortunately, finding excellent industrial training in your region that fulfills your requirement, exposes you to live projects, and yields optimum results can be challenging. Not to worry! If you are looking for the best industrial training with live projects in Chandigarh, Certiwise is your go-to platform.

At Certiwise, we know that live projects and industrial grooming is necessary to edge your profile during job screening. So, we stress on quality education, effective delivery, and real-world projects to strike the perfect balance between theoretical and practical principles.

We have a lot to serve on your table! Do you want to know how we are creating a revolution in the industrial training paradigm? Stay tuned till the end!

Courses We Offer

The Certiwise experts know the areas where professional grooming, projects, and an industrial perspective can help the students get lucrative jobs with top companies. So, we have focussed our training programs around the following cutting-edge domains.

  • Web Designing Course in Chandigarh

    Our instructors help you gain proficiency on various tools and technologies required to build unique and aesthetic web designs.We have the best web designing training in Chandigarh with highest enrollment rates and placement statistics.

  • Best Android Training in Chandigarh

    We offer you the best Android training session to teach you about the platform intricacies and various tools required to build professional Android products.

  • Graphic Designing Course in Chandigarh

    You can get into top companies as the leading graphics designer with our training. We help you walk through the required tech stack and train you to build classic designs through live projects.

  • Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

    Do you want to learn the ABC of online marketing? Our industrial training specialization in digital marketing helps you know the concepts and leverage the knowledge to create high-yielding marketing campaigns for brands.

  • SEO Training in Chandigarh

    Our experts teach the fundamentals of search engine algorithms and relevant optimization through a well-curated training program. We help you work on realistic projects to become more confident about your SEO knowledge.

  • Software Testing Training In Chandigarh

    We will help you master manual and automated software testing tools like Selenium and give you an in-depth dive into the concepts. Finally, you can quickly get a software tester job after completing our training session.

  • MySQL & PHP Training in Chandigarh

    PHP and MySQL are no longer complicated and tricky! Our expert tutors will help you master the database and scripting language by creating projects in a short span.

  • Networking Training Course in Chandigarh

    Do you want to become a network engineer with hands-on experience working with network devices? We will teach you all details regarding computer networks, from the OSI model to advanced troubleshooting.

  • iOS App Development Training in Chandigarh

    It's the best chance to understand the iOS platform and build various digital products for Apple by enrolling in our summer training in Chandigarh. We will give you the chance to implement what we teach into real-world projects for a holistic experience.

Why Choose Us - Our Features at a Glance!

  • Various learning modes

    We offer numerous learning modes like online, offline, and instructor-led training sessions for your optimum convenience and burdenless learning.

  • Live projects and hands-on practice

    Chisel what you learn in our training session with live projects and hands-on practice for every course at Certiwise.

  • Wide array of courses

    You can choose the best program from a myriad of industrial courses, from digital marketing to web designing training course in Chandigarh, to get a specialization and bag a lucrative opportunity.

  • 100% placement assistance

    We won't leave your hand after the training ends! Our motto is to help you get a job after you pass out from our training programs.

  • Industry experts as instructors

    Mold your thought process and gain a professional perspective by working closely with our instructors, who are industry experts and hold years of job experience.

  • Well-articulated curriculum

    Move towards the end-goals step-by-step through our well-articulated curriculum, backed by live projects wherever needed.

Summing Up!

We are the leading name in delivering the best industrial training in Chandigarh Mohali. Our team believes that everyone has the right to access high-quality professional grooming to become job-fit in a short span. So, do you want to register yourself with the top-notch industrial training? Get in touch with Certiwise, Chandigarh now!