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Whether it is about Full Stack development or it is about Web development we offer a wide range of courses to cover every platform.


We’re working to create a better tomorrow.

Developing our students through learning & education is one of our priorities. In total, we offer four different time slots for training which offers 2 hours for each batch and includes weekends also. With Certiwise, we’re empowering individuals to showcase their skills and expertise while enabling organizations to make informed decisions based on credible certifications. Join us in shaping a better tomorrow through seamless certification experiences.

See what our Trainees Feel About us

The students are trained on the current market requirement and expectations from the companies and industries to face the
challenging world to be professional and competent.

Certiwise Student
Manish Kumar Node Js Developer

The best part of certiwise is that they give more than enough practical knowledge from live projects that helped us so much in our future placements.

Certiwise Student
Durgesh Sharma Php Developer

I have done my internship in Web Development from Certiwise. Certiwise was a fantastic experience for me. They have exceptionally experienced staff.

Certiwise student
Annu Arora

According to me, Certiwise is the best institute to learn Graphic Designing in Mohali. Their teaching style and management system are quite impressive which help students to make a good career.

At Certiwise, we are committed to providing valuable and high-class industrial training that converts into placements.


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