11 Tips on how to Enhance Software Testing Efficiency?

Have you heard the name Flud? You sure have. It was one of the main social news reader applications— meant for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows. Flud has created quite a buzz in the market, but with the clock turning around the promising startup failed as it did not engage in proper QA measures while developing the application.

The miscarriage of such a promising project as Flud highlighted the fact that testing of software is equally important to prevent start-up failures alongside maintaining the development process and code generation.

The catastrophe of Flud proved to be a lesson learned for the whole of It Industries, worldwide. Thus every IT company now focuses a great deal to maintain quality assurance ( of which testing is the most crucial part) while keeping all the other processes working in tandem.

  • 1. Testing is stringently Followed in IT Firms—

    IT firms have found out that when stringent software testing measures are taken the release of poor-quality products comes into check. Quality assurance with testing— together prevent the occurrence of small mistakes and stops any bigger catastrophe to happen.

    QA management is an in-detail process made up of several tools, and methodologies for building bug-free products. Software quality management is an umbrella term that covers quality assurance, quality control, and finally testing.

    While assuring the quality of the software— a planned set of actions are performed to improve the software development process, introducing new standards of quality to prevent possible bugs and errors to take place in the product Next to it comes the Quality control part in this part product-oriented measures are taken to certify that the software quality control is governed thoroughly

    Last comes Software Testing which is the crucial step for detecting and solving technical issues in the software source code, and assessing product usability It is the most important part of quality assurance, and a non-negotiable measure to be taken by the developers to ensure the functionality of the final product This article will discuss the best practices to be followed for improving the software testing process and increasing the quality of the software products.

  • 2. Follow These Steps to Enhance the Testing Capacity of Your Designed Software—

    The following section talks about the necessary steps required to be met to enhance the testing capacity of the software you have designed.

  • 3. Plan the Testing and QA Processes Beforehand

    Test processes desire to be well-planned, defined, and documented. Good documentation is the necessary tool that builds trustworthy communication. It s a non-negotiable aspect to be incorporated into the software team. Effective planning guarantees the quality and test plans for a project.

  • 4. Have a Quality Management Plan

    A quality management plan is a document that defines what it means to have an acceptable level of product quality. The plan acts as a roadmap to scheduling all the necessary tasks, and this type of planning ensures that the designed software is matching the need of the customers. The goal of such kinds of plans is to support project management and define roles, responsibilities, and quality standards to be achieved.

  • 5. Examine Test failure Data

    One of the main criteria that make any project successful is its capacity to automate acquired data. The managers dealing with a specific project need to make sure that the data obtained have consistency in it. It should be stored in a way that can be accessed by any programmer when needed.

    The underlying storage structure of data is important if an API is tracing all the project-related data and allowing you to run all the related tests, with their historical status.

  • 6. Repair flaky Tests

    Tests generally fail for two reasons— it has uncovered problems or consist of flaky test data. Faulty tests must be changed or removed. These tests may appear difficult to be repaired. In that case, they need to be removed from everyday testing and are desired to be performed at such a time when your infrastructure has downtime.

  • 7. Have a Clearly Set Test Strategy

    A test strategy is a specific product-level document that defines software testing approaches used to be met by the project’s business strategy. It also keeps in its account the business requirements meant for a plan.

  • 8. Arrange the Tests in Order of Importance

    After sorting out which tests are to be kept and which are to be removed. Group the tests according to their priority. Next, ensure that the percentage of tests in each category is appropriate for the given project.

  • 9. Run the Tests in the Descending Order of Priority

    Now that your tests have been prioritized an execution plan for their needs to be devised. The tests need to be run in the order of priority and rechecked after a certain number of failures. Allowing multiple failures is beneficial as it gives the chance to engineers to analyze a pattern in the outcomes.

  • 10. Keep the Testing Real and Easy

    An easy and efficient way to identify that testing is done properly is by gauging its reliability and ease. This gives assurance to the technical leads that the code is tested accurately.

  • 11. Continue to Fine Tune Everything

    Make sure that in the final stage you visit the loopholes identified in a test regularly. As the product grows older features lose relevance they need to be replaced by newer features.

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