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Best Resources to Learn PHP in 2022— An Insight from team Certiwise

Best Resources to Learn PHP in 2022— An Insight from team Certiwise

Industrial demands have gone up! Companies no longer want to hire knowledgeable candidates; rather they want skilled professionals. So, industry-aligned education and skill development has become critical for anyone to bag an excellent job with a lucrative package worldwide. That’s when industrial training steps in!

That is why the experts from team Certiwise have designed this piece write-up to help the beginners out there. The experts have designed this write-up mentioning the best resources possible like YouTube tutorials, or other online courses. After undergoing any of these mentioned courses thoroughly you can grapple easily with the concept of PHP and use it at places you need.

However, when learning PHP you need to know what it really is and where people use it for a better PHP learning experience. This write-up gives you a basic idea about what a PHP course really is and then goes on to discuss in detail where you can learn it thoroughly! Are you ready to delve in? Let’s get started…

Defining PHP

Hypertext-Preprocessor or PHP is a server-side scripting language used to design different types of web development. It is currently in use for 77.6% of websites. Websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and Instagram are built using PHP technology only.

The language emerged in 1994 just to develop a personal homepage and since then it has accommodated a number of dynamic websites. One interesting thing about PHP is that it is programming taking place on the server side.

PHP is different from HTML or CSS. HTML or CSS enables affects the information visitors see in a browser. However, PHP gets processed before the content loads. Sometimes PHP code can be used as a secured source code for HTML.

What are the benefits of Learning PHP?

If someone wants to grow in website development learning PHP becomes a must. PHP is a broad-spectrum tool, full of functionality and resources. It is taking a leap among web developers to be used while designing websites.

Beginners find PHP very easy to learn. Using PHP they can easily deploy applications on Apache or Nginx.

Web developers love to develop their skills in PHP as it is a fast language to learn. The quality of PHP 7+ is improved gracefully.

Last but not least PHP helps to build scalable applications like Laravel, and Symphony which is amazing.

More than anything else 75% of web application uses PHP. It has great community support. Developers find the documentation of PHP quite easy to learn. The framework is secure and modern.

Aren’t these good enough reasons to learn PHP?

Resources to Learn PHP from YouTube

We have enlisted a few best resources available on Youtube for free. These courses are very beginner friendly and authentic with the knowledge they provide.


CodeCourse is one of the best Youtube channels to learn PHP. Their PHP tutorial has over 6.5 M views. The USP of their course is the in-depth analysis coupled with optimization tips given by experts.

The channel has a lot of videos grouped properly that newbies find absolutely easy to learn. The channel also has a lot of videos made up on Laravel and Next JS too.

PHP Tutorials: Register & Login: User login (Part 1)


JREAM is a popular destination is youtube to learn PHP courses. It is highly beginner friendly and comes with a dozen of development tutorials and adobe videos. The channel is stacked up with a dozen of resourceful materials on PHP that beginners find good to clear their concepts.

The courses of JREAM are subscribed by 69.1K subscribers and their PHP course video on MVC is watched over 606K times.

PHP: Create Your Own MVC (Part 1)

PHP tutorials by Programming Knowledge

PHP tutorial for beginners is a simple and short PHP tutorial. The course is built to give a complete understanding of built-in PHP functions. The video covers a vast range of topics about PHP.

It is as useful to advanced PHP developers to polish their knowledge as to beginners.The tutorial has 682K views and the channel is subscribed to people more than a million.

PHP Tutorials | PHP For Beginners

Resources to Learn PHP from Online Platforms for Intermediates

The online platforms used by learners worldwide are credible mediums to learn PHP. We enlist here the top three courses from different online platforms that give students proper knowledge of PHP, using which they can become good professionals.


Coursera has the best PHP learning course among all the online mediums. The course is conducted by two of the best industry experts. It is a university-level course giving an in-depth into the concept of PHP. The course comes with a lot of weekly assignments. In compliance with PHP, it also teaches HTML and CSS.

Intermediate students are best benefitted from this course. If one has some prior PHP knowledge the course is recommended for him/her.

Check This Course Out

PHP Fundamentals by PluralSight

A great online medium to learn PHP for developers. The course is created by Jill Gundersen. The course starts with syntax to then paces up to deliver knowledge of functions and making codes.

The course is suited for making an intermediate learner know about how to create a persisting flow of data across web pages

.Check The Course Out

PHP for Beginners to Intermediates by Udemy

The PHP Course at Udemy is a mix of Laravel and PHP. Udemy courses are known for their quality and no doubt this course is also one of the best of them.

The course is created by Edwin Diaz and the USP of this course is it helps you to learn about SQL databases and security. It also teaches a learner how to send emails and more. The course also gives scope to learn about libraries such as encryption, working with CRUD operations, login and sign-up systems, and many more.

Check the Course Out Here

Want to become a PHP expert choose Certiwise—

In this world of cutthroat competition, only experts get counted. Now obviously it won’t be a mindful step to stop learning PHP only after completing online courses and accomplishing an intermediate level.

We know you want to become an expert and develop skills that are irreplaceable. That’s why Certiwise has come to help you with their state-in-craft PHP learning course.

Not just PHP Certiwises course helps students to develop knowledge on my SQL as well.The curriculum of Certiwise is a perfect mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. We help students to polish their knowledge even more while introducing them to industrial programmes where they deal with actual industry-related programmes.

Also, after completing our professional courses none of our students remains unemployed. We are positioned at a very prominent locality of Chandigarh, precisely at Quark City Atrium. Our position is lucrative and prominent and we are known as the Best PHP training centre in Chandigarh to companies.

The religious contribution of Certiwise has made it earn several accolades and the trust of students from Chandigarh and Mohali and around India.

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