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What are Some Good Resources to Learn React.JS?

What are Some Good Resources to Learn React.JS?

For a software developer learning newer technologies serves as his/her bread or butter. In the domain of technology—learning some skills means that a developer has earned a solid skill in a certain technology by practicing it over, and again.

In modern days React.JS has emerged as a weapon to build modern user interfaces. It has earned popularity as a great medium to develop a base for mobile, and single-page applications. It is an efficient tool to fetch rapidly changing data that requires to be recorded. Because of its user-friendliness, companies like Netflix, Paypal, and Apple rely hugely on it. 32,000 new websites have been built using React. JS.

This data remains a direct testimony for developers to understand why learning React.JS can help them to skyrocket their careers. This blog is a valuable guide for developers who want to learn React.js. We enlist free resources from where developers can learn React.JS and take a step ahead in their careers.

1. Read React’s Official Documentation, and Tutorial—
The most reliable way to start learning React.JS is to read its official documentation. Such documentation helps one to understand the purpose of creating a sustainable framework, how to use different cases, and also helps to understand basic terminologies.The documentation of React is very well maintained. The homepage of react’s official provides a brief overview of the entire technology. After finishing the introductory concept about react, one needs to jump straight onto the ‘DOCs’ section. The ‘Docs’ section is the roadmap for a developer to get started with React and familiarize them with Reacts’ newer concepts.Important Links to Avail This Tutorial—

2. Udemy

Udemy is a platform that contains thousands of free courses based on marketing, business, to technology. It also has a lot of courses available on it, regarding programming languages, and React is one of them.Important Links to Avail React.Js Course in Udemy—

There is an outstanding React.Js course available on Udemy, which costs a few bucks. It is known as React— the Complete Guide by Maximilian Scwarzmuller Udemy. This is not free but is one of the most useful React tutorials. Such an application helps developers to construct one-page applications, by making them aware of advanced Redux Routing Development, deploying the app, and more.

3. React JS Tutorial by Tyler McGinnis
Tyler is a renowned Google Developer Expert, and former Dev Mountain Director, who rose to the peak of fame through his web development educational activity. He runs the website that has provisions for developers to learn very standard paid courses. The React.Js course has already gained a good review from 3000 professionals and a rating of 9.3/10.Link to the Tutorial—

4. Coursera

Coursera is another great platform that offers several courses for professionals to leverage maximum benefits to skyrocket their careers. These courses are created by top universities around the world.

There are many courses available on Coursera that help a learner to learn a lot about specialization degrees. React is one of the most common courses on which degrees are available in Coursera.

The Coursera courses on react Js will teach a learner to learn about components, and JSX and then will move him to some of the advanced concepts such as React routing. It helps one to develop knowledge on how to construct and design single-page applications, flow architecture, and Redux and also helps to create client-server communication.

As a joining option one can join this course by paying their specific enrollment amount or can enroll oneself in Coursera plus for $399 which gives them an unlimited opportunity for popular courses— it helps them to specialize in certain domains, helps them to earn professional certifications, and enables them to go for guided projects.

Links to the Best Courses—

5. React Bits— GitBooks

Although React Bits are a Gitbook, they do not feel like the concept of books we are ordinarily accustomed to. It is more of a compilation, made out of React patterns, techniques, tips, and tricks.

The whole course is divided into an arrangement of 6 categories—

  • 1. Design patterns and techniques
  • 2. Anti-pattern
  • 3. Handling UX Variations
  • 4. Perf Tips
  • 5. Styling
  • 6. Gotchas

Each of these articles consists of code snippets, with several comments, and lists other topics, for example, medium posts.

Links to the Course—

6. React.JS Course by

This is a free resource available on Youtube. This resource has at least 23 videos present in them. These videos cover the fundamentals of Redux and the MobX tutorial. At the very commencement of the course, it is recommended to focus on lessons from 1 to 8. These chapters are exclusively made to understand React Js alone.

These lessons are covered for 1 hour. To understand every nitty-gritty of the course one should follow the steps and practice rigorously. The course is a great resource to learn about basics like components, routers, props, events, inline styles, and arrays.In July 2018 the course has received about 2,000,000 views which rightly qualifies it as one of the best courses available for React. JS.

Link to this course—

Consider Certiwise to Clear Your Basics of React.JS

We mentioned many tutorials which can guide you in learning React.JS but as a responsible educational organization, we want you to understand that in these courses you will not get the opportunity to clear your doubts. In Certiwise we have a very limited teacher-to-student ratio so that students can clear every small doubts they face.

More to it, after enrolling in our React. JS courses one will get industrial training exposure, and just after a week he/she will be handling live projects. Such projects further strengthen their knowledge of React.JS as they build a maximum number of skills through in-hand practice.

Because of our expert panel, the way they teach and train every one of our students, and helps them to become better professionals— none of our students remain unplaced. On top of that, we are located at Quark city, the IT hub of Punjab. Our students get the maximum opportunity to choose the best companies to make their careers count as highly professional React.Js developers.

There are several React.JS training institutes present in India. But, Certiwise’s React.JS course is different from all, because of the wings we attach to it via our Industrial training option. Learn react.Js with Certiwise, the Best React.js training institute of Chandigarh/Mohali, and one of the most renowned in India.

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